The REV 15mm Build System is an affordable robotics build platform using a various structural and motion components. This platform is most commonly used within the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), FIRST Global Challenge (FGC), and in the classroom for educational purposes.

How to use this documentation?

This documentation is intended as an introduction to the REV Robotics 15mm Build System.
  • Looking to get an idea of how to use the system? Start flipping through the sections, specifically take a look at the guides on building a drivetrain and the Tips and Tricks section.
  • Have a question that falls in a specific section? Feel free to head straight to it using the navigation bar to the left. Each section is grouped with other topics that are similar.
  • Having trouble finding what you are looking for? Try the search bar in the upper right or check the section descriptions below to find the best fit.
Getting started building robots can be an intimidating process. The following documentation is here to make getting started a bit easier. There are already lots of examples in this documentation and we’re committed to continuing to add content to make it more accessible for people to build with REV.
If there is a question that is not answered by this documentation, send our support team an email; [email protected]. We are happy to help point you in the right direction.

What is in each section?

Building Materials

This section contains information regarding all of the major mechanical systems available from REV Robotics. These sections include structure, actuators, transmitting and transforming motion, as well as information on the tools and hardware available.
  • Structure
    Want to know about the features and use cases for different types of structure from extrusion to channel and everything in between? This section has the information you are looking for.
  • Actuators Looking to find the right actuator for the job? This section discusses the different actuators available, including motors and servos, and their best use cases.
  • Transmitting and Transforming Motion Need to get power from an actuator to a mechanism? This section covers the different ways to transmit and transform motion.
  • Hardware and Tools Using the right hardware and tools is a recipe for success. This section has how to's on using specific hardware and tools with the REV 15mm Build System.

Build Guides and Techniques

This section contains information ranging from application examples to tips on making mechanisms work reliably.
  • Linear Motion Looking to transform rotary motion into linear motion? Check out this build guide to get started with the Linear Motion V2 Kit.
  • Channel Drivetrain Want to get up and driving fast? Use this build guide to get a competition ready drivetrain up and running.
  • Supporting Motion Tips on using bearings, pillow blocks, and other methods to support motion components.
  • Constraining Motion Tips on using spacers, shaft collars, and other materials, allowing mechanisms to work repeatedly and reliably.
  • Compatibility Have equipment from other vendors? Head here to see how to use the REV 15mm Build System with those parts.

Electronics and Communication

This section contains links to documentation to answer any questions related to the REV Robotics Control System, used in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) program and FIRST Global Challenge (FGC) program, along with the feedback devices that help control the mechanical systems.
  • Control System Link to our documentation on the REV Control Hub and Expansion Hub. Also has example code for different applications.
  • Sensors Link to our documentation on when and how to use different sensors with the REV Control Hub and Expansion Hub.

Control Hub and Expansion Hub

The REV Control System has two major control components, the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) and Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153). Both can power multiple motors and servos, and receive feedback from sensors. The major difference is the Control Hub has an embedded device that allows for programming and control while the Expansion Hub needs another device (Control Hub, Android Phone, etc) to give commands. For more information see the Control Hub and Expansion Hub documentation.