Polyurethane Round Belt and Pulleys

Polyurethane Round Belt and Pulley Basics

Polyurethane Round Belt (REV-41-1164) and Pulleys are similar to Timing Belt and Pulleys. Round belt is connected together using a Barb (REV-41-1165) and wrapped around the pulleys in the system.
Round belts are cut to length and then the belt ends are connected using a small metal part called a barb. The barb is forced into the two ends of the belt to form a loop. Round belt systems are more prone to slipping than sprockets and chain, gears, or timing belts and pulleys; therefore, belts should be tight in order to effectively transmit torque and prevent slip. It is important to keep this characteristic in mind when building systems that require high torque.

When to Use?

Typically round belts and pulleys are used to manipulate and move game objects from one location of a robot to another.
Consider the examples below. How are these robots using the round belt and pulley system?