Getting Started with Control Hub

After receiving the Control Hub it is advised to unbox the device, power the Control Hub on, and start the configuration process. Below are the required materials to run through the initial bring up of the Control Hub and links to the different steps of the process.



Connect to the Robot Controller Console

In order to manage the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) or programming using the onboard programming languages you must have access to the Robot Controller Console. Follow through the steps in this section to ensure your Control Hub is connecting properly

Updating WiFi Settings

Once in the Robot Controller Console, update your Control Hub's WiFi settings for better performance and network security.

Connecting Driver Station to Control Hub

A Driver Station is required to in the REV Control System, to run code remotely. This section walks through the steps of connecting a Driver Station device to a Control Hub.

Wiring Diagram

Showcases what hardware components plug into which ports on the Control Hub.

Next Steps

Once the hardware components are connected to the Control Hub, the basic steps for getting started have been covered. This section covers the important next steps you should take for working with and maintaining your Control System.

Required Materials

Optional Additional Materials needed to Connect an Expansion Hub:

  • Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153)

  • XT30 Extension Cable (REV-31-1392, included with Expansion Hub)

  • JST PH 3-pin Communication Cable (REV-31-1417, included with Expansion Hub)


Using a Web Browser

Using the REV Hardware Client