LED Blink Codes

The RGB LED located on the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) and Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153) near the RS485 ports provides user feedback regarding the status of the Hub. Below is a Table of the Blink Codes

Firmware Version 1.07.00 or Higher LED Codes

LED Status

LED Description


Hub Status

Solid Blue

At Boot

Control Hub has power; Battery is >7V and is waiting to initialize communications.

Solid Blue


Hub is waiting for communication with the Driver Station Host.

Control Hub has power; Battery is >7V.

Solid Green with one or more blue blinks every

~5 Seconds


Hub has power and active communication with the Android Platform. The number of blue blinks is the same as the Hub’s address.

The factory default address is 2 ().

Blinking Blue


Keep alive has timed out. Fault will clear when communication resumes.

Blinking Orange


Battery Voltage is lower than 7V. Either the 12V battery needs to be charged, or the Expansion Hub is running on USB power only. This fault will clear when battery voltage is raised above 7V.

This will not be overwritten by the keep alive timeout pattern.