Pneumatic Hub Firmware Changelog

Version 22.0.5

  • Reduces stutters in compressor and solenoids with high CAN utilization

Version 22.0.4

  • Allows compressor test mode for the pressure relief valve without having to send a solenoid command first

Version 22.0.3

  • Disallows actuation from REV Hardware Client if roboRIO was previously connected
  • Improves over current protection for larger compressors

Version 22.0.2

  • Improves accuracy of various readings:
    • Analog sensor voltage
    • Battery voltage
    • Compressor current
  • Improves performance for larger compressors
  • Improves hardware fault reporting
  • Adds compressor test mode for the pressure relief valve which is activated via holding the MODE button for 7 seconds
  • Blinks the status LED blue when sticky faults are successfully cleared via the MODE button
  • Blinks the status LED orange and green when the compressor is over current
  • Fixes issue where the device would hang after receiving a malformed CAN frame

Version 22.0.1

  • Fixes certain faults that were incorrectly triggered when the device was only powered via USB

Version 21.1.7

  • Persists sticky faults across power cycles
  • Allows sticky faults to be cleared by holding down the device's button
  • Updates LED patterns
  • Improves accuracy when using the analog sensor to control the compressor
Last modified 9mo ago