REV Hardware Client
The REV Hardware Client is software designed to make managing REV devices easier for the user. This Client automatically detects connected device(s), downloads the latest software for those device(s), and allows for seamless updating of the device(s).
For more information on the REV Hardware Client, see the User's Manual.
Latest REV Hardware Client - Version 1.3.0

Feature Summary

    Automatically detect supported devices when connected via USB
    Connect a REV Control Hub via WiFi
    One Click update of all software on connected devices
    Pre-download software updates without a connected device
    Back up and restore user data from Control Hub
    Install and switch between DS and RC applications on Android Devices
    Access the Robot Control Console on the Control Hub
    Auto-update to latest version of the REV Hardware Client
    Display devices connected via RS485

Supported Devices

    REV Control Hub (REV-31-1595)
    REV Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153)
    REV Driver Hub (REV-31-1596)
    Android Device via ADB
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