Status LED Patterns

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SPARK MAX will indicate important status information on its multi-colored STATUS LED located on the top of its case. The following tables shows each state and the corresponding LED color pattern.

Standard Operation

Operating Mode

Idle Mode






No Signal

Blue Blink

Valid Signal

Blue Solid


No Signal

Yellow Blink

Valid Signal

Yellow Solid



No Signal

Cyan Blink

Valid Signal

Cyan Solid


No Signal

Magenta Blink

Valid Signal

Magenta Solid

Partial Forward

Green Blink

Full Forward

Green Solid

Partial Reverse

Red Blink

Full Reverse

Red Solid

Forward Limit

Green/White Blink

Reverse Limit

Red/White Blink

Identification, Updating, and Recovery




Device Identify

White/Magenta Fast Blink

CAN Bootloader Firmware Updating

White/Yellow Blink (v1.5.0) Green/Magenta Blink (v1.4.0)

CAN Bootloader Firmware Retry

White/Blue Blink

USB DFU (Device Firmware Update)

Dark (LED off)

Dark (LED off)

Fault Conditions

Fault Conditions




12V Missing

The motor will not drive if powered only by USB. This blink code warns the user of this condition.

Orange/Blue Slow Blink

Sensor Fault

This can occur if the sensor type is misconfigured, the sensor cable is not plugged in or damaged, or if a sensor other than the motor sensor is plugged in.

Orange/Magenta Slow Blink

Gate Driver Fault

A fault reported by the core internal electronic circuitry. If this code persists after power cycling the controller, contact REV.

Orange/Cyan Slow Blink

CAN Fault

The CAN fault will be shown after the first time the device is plugged into the CAN port and a fault later occurs. Check your CAN wiring if you see this fault.

Orange/Yellow Slow Blink

Corrupt Firmware (recover using Recovery Mode)

Firmware failed to load.

Dark (LED off)

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