Connecting a Driver Hub

Connect the Battery

Before we connect to your Driver Hub we need to make sure the internal battery is installed correctly.

Battery Installation

To install the battery, place it with the REV Logo out and the -/+ located near the contacts for the device. Add on the rear door and screw in using the included M3 hardware.
REV Driver Hub battery view.

Connect Via USB-C

Turn on the Driver Hub.
Wait for the status LED to show solid green
Plug the Driver Hub into your PC using a USB-A to USB-C Cable. (REV-11-1232)
Startup the REV Hardware Client. Once the Driver Hub is on and fully connected it will show up on the front page of the UI under the Hardware Tab.
If your Driver Hub is showing a battery charging symbol when plugged in via USB it is not turned on and will be unable connect to the REV Hardware Client.
REV Hardware Client hardware tab showing a connected Driver Hub.