Running a Motor

Set Up

Materials Needed

  • 12V Power source

  • SPARK Flex

  • Motor connected to the SPARK Flex

  • Windows Computer with the REV Hardware Client installed

  • Data Capable USB C cable

Connecting to REV Hardware Client

First, connect your SPARK Flex to a computer with the REV Hardware Client installed via a data capable USB C cable. Then selecting it from the list of connected devices.

Verify that the settings are correct for the motor you have attached to your SPARK Flex. Once you have verified the settings and hit "Burn Flash" to save any changes, click on the run tab.

Run Tab

Within the Run Tab you can run one motor with a SPARK Flex You can control it in many different ways, and change the PIDF algorithm.

Need to run more than one SPARK Flex? If on the same CAN Bus you can run multiple SPARK Flex Motor Controllers using the Run Multiple function under the Telemetry Tab!

  1. Run Motor: Click this button to run the motor with the selected settings

  2. Mode: Choose the run mode for running your motor. Percent mode is a great starting point for turning a motor on to test a prototype mechanism.

  3. Setpoint: Set the value for running the motor here

  4. PIDF: Adjust your PIDF algorithm here.

  5. View Graph: Shortcut to the Telemetry Tab to view data about your SPARK MAX

Running a Motor

Once your settings have been chosen, click the orange Run Motor button.

When you are done running your motor, press the Stop Motor button.

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