M3 Hardware

M3 Hardware Basics

The REV build system uses M3 hardware to connect, or fasten, brackets and structure together on a robot. Different applications require different length screws. When attaching a bracket to extrusion, shorter screws are generally required. Use longer screws to connect Control System components and other thicker materials.
See the “Tips and Tricks” section of this guide for best practices when working with the M3 Hardware.


We include all the tools needed to use the parts in the FTC Starter Kit. Take a moment to identify the tools below:
As robots become more complex, there are additional tools, hardware, and fasteners available on the REV website:
  • 5.5mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench (REV-49-1711)
  • 5mm Hex Broach (REV-41-1367) for making hex-shaped holes
  • Metric Step Drill (REV-49-1455) for drilling holes of different sizes
  • Zip Ties (REV-41-1161)
  • Hook and Loop Fastener (REV-41-1373)
  • Variety of replacement screws, and additional screw lengths
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