Welcome to REV Robotics documentation and thank you for choosing REV for your program! You are a part of a great and growing group of people all working to promote and become the next generation of STEM leaders. Here at REV Robotics, a majority of our staff are FIRST Alumni and have been personally involved in STEM Education and FIRST for several years. REV was founded in 2014 to bring new, innovative products to the educational robotics community and to promote the next generation of STEM professionals. REV Robotics is always working to create products that help more teams innovate, compete, and achieve their goals.

Our documentation is part of this and a starting point to solving the challenges ahead. On the left of this page are links to the various parts of documentation for different REV products. Below are links heading to the resources to help.

Program Specific Resource

System Specific Resources

REV Hardware Client

The REV Hardware Client is software designed to make managing REV devices easier for the user. This Client automatically detects connected device(s), downloads the latest software for those device(s), and allows for seamless updating of the device(s).

SPARK Flex Motor Controller (REV-11-2159)

The SPARK Flex is a new smart motor controller that is compatible with the REV ION System. Its dockable form factor allows for the direct mounting onto a NEO Vortex, simplifying wiring while maintaining flexibility. Improving upon the foundation of the SPARK MAX, new features include 3-phase current sensing, reverse polarity protection, and an expanded Data Port with additional interfaces. When docked to an adapter, the SPARK Flex can control any existing NEO or compatible brushless/brushed DC motor.

SPARK Flex Software Resources and REVLib

MAXSwerve (REV-21-3005)

The 3in MAXSwerve Module is the smallest and lightest swerve module designed for FRC Teams. Leveraging many parts of the REV ION System, MAXSwerve aims to reduce the complexity traditionally associated with swerve drivetrains. The module features a 3in wheel to ensure that your wheelbase is as wide as possible within your robot footprint.

SPARK MAX Motor Controller (REV-11-2158)

SPARK MAX is the second member of the SPARK Motor Controller family. Building on the robust foundation of the original, SPARK MAX incorporates advanced brushed and brushless DC motor control in a small and easy-to-use package with PWM, CAN, and USB connectivity.

SPARK MAX Software Resources and REVLib

Control Hub (REV-31-1595)

The REV Robotics Control Hub is an affordable all-in-one educational robotics controller. It provides students all the necessary interfaces for robotics and mechatronics projects with multiple programming language options.

Control Hub Software Resources

Driver Hub (REV-31-1596)

The REV Robotics Driver Hub (REV-31-1596) is a compact mobile computing device designed for interfacing with the Control Hub (REV-31-1595). The Driver Hub was designed and built as an easy to use, dependable, and durable device for use in classroom and the competition. It features an Android operating system, built-in dual band Wi-Fi (802.11 ac/b/g/n/w), and support for many off-the-shelf gamepads and HID devices connected through built-in USB ports.

UltraPlanetary Gearbox (REV-41-1600)

The UltraPlanetary Gearbox is a cartridge based modular planetary gearbox designed with 550 motors, like the HD Hex Motor, in mind. Easy to iterate and adjust designs using the pre-assembled and lubricated cartridges to swap gear ratios with ease.

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