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The REV DUO line of parts work together for a dual purpose: To create competition-grade robots geared towards participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge or to be used in the classroom for STEM education. REV Robotics is committed to designing high-quality products that make robotics accessible for any skill level. Since 2014, we have continued to iterate and adapt to the educational robotics community's needs, by developing new products and refining our current product selection.

Look for the REV DUO flag and logo on our website and shop with confidence knowing all products are compatible and designed to work together seamlessly.

REV Robotics is proud to be a supporter of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). For more information about FIRST Tech Challenge, please visit the FIRST Tech Challenge website.

Kickoff Concepts

Over the last few seasons members from the REV team have built different mechanisms to help teams get ideas and get started with building their robot for the year's given challenge. Starting at Kickoff we start rolling out instant reactions, videos, prototypes, and other materials targeted specifically at the game. The goal of the concept videos is to remove some of the frustrations when getting started without removing all of the challenge from FIRST. The challenge is really a lot of the fun!

CENTERSTAGE (2023-2024)
POWERPLAY (2022-2023)
Freight Frenzy (2021-2022)
Ultimate Goal Kickoff Concepts (2020-2021)

DUO Build System

FTC Starter Kit V3 (REV-41-1883)

The main entry point into the REV DUO Build System, the FTC Starter Kit provides over 1400 parts to get started building the mechanisms for a FTC robot.

EDU Kit V2 (REV-45-2041)

With over 180 parts, the EDU Kit V2 is specifically created to implement hands-on STEM projects in the classroom. This robotics kit is used to teach a variety of lessons ranging from computer programming and engineering principles to project management.

EDU Kit (REV-45-1517)

Similar to the EDU Kit V2, the EDU Kit is a great starting point for hands-on STEM projects.

Mecanum Drivertrain Kit V2 (REV-45-2470)

New and improved, the Mecanum Drivetrain Kit V2 uses Ultra 90 Degree Gearboxes to place the UltraPlanetary HD Hex Motors within the drive channel, giving teams even more flexibility when building their final robot.

Mecanum Drivetrain Kit (REV-45-1877)

Featuring all of the parts needed to build a omni-directional mecanum drivetrain, the Mecanum Drivetrain Kit is designed as a great foundation for any robot.

15mm Extrusion Lift Kit (REV-45-1900)

Utilizing the 15mm Linear Motion Kit V2 (REV-45-1507), the 15mm Extrusion Lift Kit offers an assortment of components needed to build an un-powered 3-stage continuous or cascading lift.

DUO Control System

Control Hub (REV-31-1595)

The REV Robotics Control Hub is an affordable all-in-one educational robotics controller. It provides students all the necessary interfaces for robotics and mechatronics projects with multiple programming language options.

Control Hub Software Resources
Hello Robot - Programming Resources

Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153)

The REV Robotics Expansion Hub is an affordable hardware controller which can communicate with Control Hub (REV-31-1595). The Expansion Hub is loaded with hardware interface options to enable driving motors and servos, interfacing with sensors, and communicating with other devices via several protocol options.

Expansion Hub Software Resources

Driver Hub (REV-31-1596)

The REV Robotics Driver Hub (REV-31-1596) is a compact mobile computing device designed for interfacing with the Control Hub (REV-31-1595). The Driver Hub was designed and built as an easy to use, dependable, and durable device for use in classroom and the competition. It features an Android operating system, built-in dual band Wi-Fi (802.11 ac/b/g/n/w), and support for many off-the-shelf gamepads and HID devices connected through built-in USB ports.

Driver Hub Software Resources

SPARKMini Motor Controller (REV-31-1230)

The SPARKmini Motor Controller is an inexpensive in-line brushed DC motor controller designed to offer the same performance characteristics as the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) or Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153) motor ports in a small 60mm x 22mm footprint.:

Crossover Products

UltraPlanetary Gearbox (REV-41-1600)

The UltraPlanetary Gearbox is a cartridge based modular planetary gearbox designed with 550 motors, like the HD Hex Motor, in mind. Easy to iterate and adjust designs using the pre-assembled and lubricated cartridges to swap gear ratios with easy.

Blinkin LED Driver (REV-11-1105)

Blinkin makes adding LEDs to your robot as simple as driving a motor. Chose the pattern you want and give it the corresponding PWM signal. The REV Robotics Blinkin LED Driver is a compact LED driver module that simplifies controlling both 12V RGB LED and 5V individually-addressable WS2812 LED strips. Blinkin combines internal LED drivers, a 5V power source, and a pre-programmed controller all in one package.

Smart Robot Servo (REV-41-1097) and SRS Programmer (REV-31-1108)

The REV Robotics Smart Robot Servo (SRS) (REV-41-1097) is a configurable metal-geared servo that takes the guesswork out of aligning and adjusting servo based mechanisms. One SRS can be used as a standard angular servo, a custom angular servo, and a continuous rotation servo by simply changing its settings.


REV Robotics offers a number of digital, I2C, and analog sensors for use as feedback devices on robots.

REV Hardware Client

The REV Hardware Client is software designed to make managing REV devices easier for the user. This Client automatically detects connected device(s), downloads the latest software for those device(s), and allows for seamless updating of the device(s).

Other Resources

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