Updating Robot Controller Application

The Robot Controller Application is periodically updated to incorporate fixes, improvements, and new features as they are developed.

If you update your Robot Controller, then you should also update your Driver Station software to the same version number.

There are two ways you can update the Operating System. It is recommended to use the REV Hardware Client as it will automatically notify the user if the Robot Controller Application is out of date, download the latest APK, and install the APK on the device. The second way utilizes the FIRST Robot Controller Console. For using the FIRST Robot Control Console, you will need to download the latest version of the Robot Controller Application from the GitHub repository.

The following procedure works with Control Hubs with the part number REV-31-1595. For support using the REV-31-1152 Control Hub v0 please reach out to REV support (support@revrobotics.com).

Using the REV Hardware Client


Power on the Control Hub, by plugging the 12V Slim Battery (REV-31-1302) into the XT30 connector labeled “BATTERY” on the Control Hub.

The Control Hub is ready to connect with a PC when the LED turns green.

Note: With Robot Controller Application versions 5.5 and below the light will blink blue every ~5 seconds. In 6.0 and above the LED is solid green.

Plug the Control Hub into the PC using a USB-A to USB-C Cable (REV-11-1232)

Startup the REV Hardware Client. Once the hub is fully connected it will show up on the front page of the UI under the Hardware Tab. Select the Control Hub.

After selecting the Connected Hardware the Update tab will pop up. Under Robot Controller App select Download.

Once the app has downloaded, select Update.

When the Robot Controller Application update has completed a status message "Robot Controller app update complete." The status of the Robot Controller App will also change to "Up-to-Date."

Using the Robot Controller Console

Download the Latest Robot Controller APK - FtcRobotController-release v9.0

Updating the Robot Controller App

Click on the FtcRobotController-release.apk link in the repository to access the Robot Controller file.

Click on the Download button to download the Robot Controller app as an APK file to your computer.

On the Manage page, click on the Select App button to select the Robot Controller app that you would like to upload to the Control Hub.

Click on the Update button to begin the update process.

During the update process, if the Control Hub detects that the digital signature of the APK that is being installed is different from the digital signature of the APK that is already installed, the Hub might prompt you to ask if it is OK to uninstall the current app and replace it with the new one. This difference in digital signatures can occur, for example, if the previous version of the app was built and installed using Android Studio, but the newer app was downloaded from the GitHub repository. Press OK to uninstall the old app and continue with the update process.

If the update process had to uninstall the previous version of the Robot Controller app, the network name and password for the Control Hub will be reset back to their factory values. If this happens, then you will need to reconnect your computer to the Control Hub using the factory default values.

When the update process is complete and you have successfully reconnected your computer to the Control Hub's network, you should see an "installed successfully" message on the Manage web page.

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