XT-30 - Power Cable

The XT30 connector is used for connecting a battery and powering a Control/Expansion Hub. Each Control/Expansion Hub has both a Male and Female XT30 connector, as determined from the metal contacts, not the plastic housing. While either connector can provide power to the hub, it is the convention to use the male connector for "power in" to the hub, and to use the female connector for "power out" to a connected secondary device, like an Expansion Hub or XT30 Power Distribution Block, from the single battery source. Passing power from one device to another in a chain is often called "daisy-chaining."
Most teams will want to use pre-made cables which can be conveniently sourced from the REV Robotics website. However, teams can also make their own cables. These connectors are solder-cup style, do not require any crimping tools, and are available from various online vendors. Because these connectors are an open design, they are manufactured by a variety of sources and quality may vary. AMASS branded connectors are recommended, and are what is used on REV products, but there are many other quality vendors available.

Table 1: Premade XT-30 Cables and Accessories

Cable Type
REV Robotics Part Number
XT-30 Male - XT-30 Female
30 cm
XT-30 Male - XT-30 Female
50 cm
XT-30 Female - Tamiya
8 cm
XT-30 Female - Anderson Power Pole Style
8 cm
Power Switch Cable (XT30 Male – XT30 Female)
12 cm
XT30 Connector Pack – 5 Pairs