JST VH - Motor Power

Motor Power connections on the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) use the JST VH style connector. This connector is keyed and locking with a small latch, seen below, which must be depressed to release the cable.
Figure 1: How to Use a JST VH Cable
REV Robotics recommends, in most cases, that teams use pre-made cables because crimp quality is better when made using industrial tooling. These cables can be purchased directly from the REV Robotics website or through other online vendors.

Premade JST VH Cables and Accessories

REV Robotics Part Number
JST VH 2-Pin Motor Cable
2 pins
30 cm
JST VH 2-Pin Motor Cable
2 pins
50 cm
JST VH 2-Pin Motor Cable
2 pins
100 cm
Anderson to JST VH Cable
2 pins
12 cm
JST VH 2-pin Joiner Board
2 pins
For teams that want to try crimping their own cables, or to find more information about the connectors, Table 3 lists the appropriate part numbers.
Connector Specifications
  • 10A Continuous Current (16AWG)
  • 3.96mm Pitch
  • Accepts 22-16AWG Wire

JST VH Connector Part Number Reference

Manufacturer Part Number
DigiKey Part Number
Contact, JST VH, 18-22AWG
Contact, JST VH, 16-20AWG
Housing, JST VH, 2-pin
Header, JST VH, 2-pin, Top Entry
Header, JST VH, 2-pin, Side Entry