The REV Control Hub is an affordable robotics controller providing a platform for the interfaces required for building robots. The Control Hub works with the Expansion Hub and Driver Hub to create a complete robotics control system for both the classroom and the competition. These devices are most commonly used within the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), FIRST Global Challenge (FGC), and in the classroom for educational purposes.

How to use this documentation?

This documentation is intended as the place to answer any questions related to the REV Robotics Control Hub, Driver Hub, and Expansion Hub used in the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Global Challenge.

  • Looking to get an idea of how to use the system before your Control Hub arrives? Reading through each section will help, but we specifically recommend the guides on getting started with the Control Hub and the programming language options section.

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Getting started building robots can be an intimidating process. The following documentation is here to make getting started a bit easier. There are a number of examples to get started with the Control System and we are committed to adding content to make it more accessible for people to use REV. If there is a question that is not answered by this space, send our support team an email; We are happy to help point you in the right direction.

What is in each section?

‌System Overview

‌This section contains information regarding all of the major mechanical specifications of the REV Control Hub and Expansion Hub. These sections include port pinout information, protection features, and the types of cables used with the devices.

Getting Started

Take the Control Hub or Expansion Hub from out of the box through generating the first configuration file. This includes the process for changing your Control Hub's Name and Password as well as connecting to your Driver Hub. Also includes information on ways to add additional motors to the control system through adding a SPARKmini Motor Controller or an Expansion Hub.

Updating and Managing

This section covers how the information needed to keep your Control Hub, Expansion Hub, and Driver Hub up to date with the latest software. This section also includes information on using the REV Hardware Client to update, program, and manage these devices as well.


From just getting started by writing your first Op Mode to working with closed loop control, this section covers the information needed to start programming.


Sensors are often vital for robots to gather information about the world around them. Use this section to find how to use REV sensors and information on the different sensor types.

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