Through Bore Encoder

The REV Through Bore Encoder (REV-11-1271) is specifically designed with the end user in mind, allowing teams to place the sensor in the locations closest to the rotation that they wish to measure. This rotary sensor measures both relative and absolute position through its ABI quadrature output and its absolute position pulse output.

The FTC Control System (Control Hub and Expansion Hub) only supports incremental encoder input through the motor encoder ports at this time. Absolute pulse input is not supported.

Included with the Through Bore Encoder is a 5mm Hex insert and a 4-Pin JST PH to 6-pin JST PH connector. The 6-pin connector is plugged into the Through Bore Encoder with the 4-pin connector plugging into either the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) and Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153) Encoder Port. Both the A and B channels of the encoder are used.

When using the 5mm Hex insert, press the insert into the 1/2” Hex hole before attaching to a mechanism. If you are having difficulty pressing the insert into the encoder, try flipping the insert over and press it in. There is a slight taper in the insert, so it is recommended to press the insert with the smaller end first. When removing, it is recommended to push the insert out in the reverse order (larger end first).

For more information on the Through Bore Encoder check the Through Bore Encoder Datasheet.

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