Android Studio - Deploying Code Wirelessly

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) utility is the tool used by Android Studio to connect and control Android devices, like the Control Hub. Android Studio, using ADB, allows users to build and install the Robot Controller app onto their Control Hub.

By default ADB supports using a hardwire connection via USB to deploy code to Android Devices. ADB does support a wireless mode where the build and install process is sent over Wi-Fi. The Control Hub is configured to support ADB wireless connections on port 5555. To deploy code over the Wi-Fi connection the user will need to set up Wireless ADB.

Setting Up Wireless ADB using the REV Hardware Client

To set up wireless ADB using the REV Hardware Client you will need a laptop or PC with both Android Studio and the REV Hardware Client installed.

Power on the Control Hub, by plugging the 12V Slim Battery (REV-31-1302) into the XT30 connector labeled “BATTERY” on the Control Hub.

The Control Hub is ready to connect with a PC when the LED turns green. Note: the light may blink blue every ~5 seconds to indicate that the Control Hub is healthy depending on Robot Controller version.

Connect to the Wi-Fi Network created by the Control Hub

Note: Connect to the REV Hardware Client over USB if the password needs resetting.

Open the REV Hardware Client and confirm the Control Hub is connected over Wi-Fi

The Control Hub should be listed in the Android Studio devices dropdown

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