MAXSwerve Wheel Evaluation

The following images will describe a rating system we have developed for determining if a MAXSwerve Wheel should still be used on your robot.

This rating system was developed from our internal testing and feedback from teams who had contacted us about their MAXSwerve Wheel failures. Please make sure that you take your team's robot design and driving style into consideration.

MAXSwerve Wheel - Plastic Evaluation

Green Wheels

Okay to keep using this wheel because it is still in good shape. There is minor wear or damage to the tread but no signs of too much axial force or scrub.

Yellow Wheels

The affected wheel should be monitored closely because it is showing signs of wear that could lead to delamination of the tread. Please be sure to check the wheel again after your next match!

Red Wheels

Red Wheels need to be replaced right away and before the next match if possible. Delamination is very likely to occur with continued use beyond this state.

Quick Reference

Axial vs. Radial

In this section, we will describe different features of the MAXSwerve Wheel and wear patterns as Axial or Radial. Here are some descriptions of what these terms mean on a MAXSwerve Wheel.

  • Radial - Describes features that occur radiating from the center of the wheel towards the tread

  • Axial - Describes features that occur side to side along the wheel’s axle

Please see the table below for examples of wheels that demonstrate the criteria for each rating.

MAXSwerve Wheel Evaluation Details

Brand New Wheels

Brand new MAXSwerve wheels can also be classified as Green and will not have any peeling or separation of the tread from the hard plastic core of the wheel.

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