REV ION Brushless

The Brushless Revolution

In the fall of 2018, the NEO Brushless Motor and SPARK MAX Motor Controller became the first brushless motor and compatible ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) designed to meet the unique demands of the FRC community. Since then, REV Robotics has been working to continue the Brushless Revolution by releasing products and software features based on our customer's most popular feedback.

The Next Generation of Motors and Controllers

NEO Vortex Brushless Motor

The NEO Vortex Brushless Motor is a high-power, high-performance, and high-resolution sensored brushless motor from REV Robotics. It features a dockable controller interface that can be mounted directly to a SPARK Flex Motor Controller or a NEO Vortex Solo Adapter allowing control from any brushless motor controller, like the SPARK MAX. Its through-bore rotor is the heart of its unique interchangeable shaft system, facilitating easy integration with various robot mechanisms.

SPARK Flex Motor Controller

The SPARK Flex Motor Controller is a new smart motor controller from REV Robotics. Its dockable form factor allows direct mounting onto a NEO Vortex to simplify wiring and maintain flexibility. Improving upon the foundation of the SPARK MAX, new features of the SPARK Flex Motor Controller include 3-phase current sensing, reverse polarity protection, and an expanded data port with additional interfaces. When docked to an adapter, the SPARK Flex can control any existing NEO or compatible brushless/brushed DC motor.

Incredible Power Density and Integrated USB Control

SPARK MAX Motor Controller

The SPARK MAX Motor Controller is your first step for getting advanced brushed and brushless DC motor control in a small, easy-to-use package. SPARK MAX is a true all-in-one controller that will push the envelope for FRC teams. Test prototypes and tune parameters without needing the full control system, only using a computer running the REV Hardware Client and a USB C Cable!

NEO V1.1 Brushless Motor

The NEO V1.1 Brushless Motor offers an incredible power density due to its compact size and reduced weight. As it is designed to have similar performance characteristics and matching mounting features, NEO V1.1 can be a drop-in replacement for CIM-style motors. This motor is perfect for your FRC Robot, Industrial platform or Warehouse robot, Electric skateboards, and more! The NEO V1.1 has been optimized to work with the SPARK MAX Motor Controller to deliver best-in-class performance and feedback.

NEO 550 Brushless Motor

The NEO 550 Brushless Motor is the smallest member of the NEO family of brushless motors. Its output power and small size are designed to make NEO 550 the perfect motor for intakes and other non-drivetrain robot mechanisms. Mounting holes and pilot match a standard 550 series motor, making it natively compatible with many existing off-the-shelf gearboxes.

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