Power and Motor Connections

SPARK Flex is designed to drive 12V brushed and brushless DC motors at current up to 60A continuously. It features a unique Docking Interface that ensures secure and reliable motor phase and sensor connections, reducing the chance of intermittent or poor connections affecting the commutation of the attached motor.

Power Input

Power input wires are labeled as + and - with red and black wires, respectively, and consist of two 12 AWG ultra-flexible silicone-coated wires extending 45 cm from the motor controller case.

SPARK Flex is intended to operate in a 12 V DC robot system, however it is compatible with any DC power source between 4.5 V and 24 V.

Please note that the 5 V power output of the Data Port requires a 6 V minimum input voltage.

DO NOT exceed the maximum supply voltage of 30 V. Doing so will cause permanent damage to the SPARK Flex and will void the warranty.

When used in high power applications, it is recommended to use a power source that is capable of handling large surge currents, e.g. a 12V lead-acid battery. If the supply voltage drops below 4.5 V the SPARK Flex will brown out, which can result in unexpected behavior. It is also highly recommended to add a fuse or circuit breaker in between your SPARK Flex and its power source to prevent exceeding the maximum current rating.

DO NOT exceed the maximum current ratings:

  • 60A for 3 minutes

  • 100A for 2 seconds

Doing so will cause permanent damage to the SPARK Flex and will void the warranty.

Docking Interface

SPARK Flex is specifically designed to dock with the NEO Vortex Brushless Motor. Docking eliminates the extra connections between the motor and motor controller that are prone to fail due to assembly issues and rough environments.

When docked into a SPARK Flex Dock (coming soon), the motor controller can also drive virtually any 12 V brushed DC motor and the existing NEO & NEO 550 brushless motors.

Instruction on how to dock a SPARK Flex can be found within the documentation of the applicable device:

Be sure to fully install the Docking Screws when docking the SPARK Flex. These screws ensure a robust and secure electrical connection. Operating the SPARK Flex and its attached motor or dock without these screws can cause unintended behavior and damage to the system.

Always dock and undock the SPARK Flex with both main power and USB power disconnected.

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