SPARK Motor Controller

The Original SPARK Motor Controller has been discontinued and will not be re-stocked.

SPARK Overview

The SPARK Motor Controller (REV-11-1200) is a 12V 60A PWM-controlled brushed DC motor controller designed for FIRST Robotics Competition robots. It features 60A continuous current with passive cooling, bi-directional limit switch inputs for smart mechanism control, an RGB LED status indicator, and a button-activated brake/coast mode.


  • Passive cooling

    • No fans required

  • Synchronous rectification

    • Reduces heat generation

  • Limit switch inputs

    • Stops forward and/or reverse motion automatically

    • No programming required

    • Compatible with normally open (NO) limit switches

  • Calibration

    • Factory calibrated to 1ms – 2ms input signal

    • User calibratable

  • Integrated cable retention for PWM port

  • Clamping screw terminals

    • Better contact area and retention

  • RGB status LED

    • Detailed mode and operation feedback


ParameterValue & Units

Input Voltage (Nominal)

12 V

Continuous Current

60 A

Peak Current (2 second surge)

100 A

Input Pulse Width Range (Nominal)


Input Resolution


Input Deadband


Output Frequency

15.625 kHz

Output Voltage Range

0 V - ±Vin

Maximum Output Voltage Resolution

0.001 x Vin


2.860in x 1.875in x 0.868in


74g or 2.61oz

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