NEO 550

NEO 550 Overview

The REV NEO 550 Brushless Motor (REV-21-1651) is the newest member of the NEO family of brushless motors. Its output power and small size are specifically designed to make NEO 550 the perfect motor for intakes and other non-drivetrain robot mechanisms. Mounting holes and pilot match a standard 550 series motor, allowing it to natively mount to many existing off-the-shelf gearboxes.

The REV NEO 550 Brushless Motor runs a 0.12in output shaft which, when combined with its 550-style mounting features, allows for easy installation in many off-the-shelf gearboxes.

Its small size and weight make it easy to put power where you need it, whether that is on intakes, end-effectors, or other weight-sensitive mechanisms. However, keep in mind that this motor has a lower thermal mass than a NEO, CIM, or Mini CIM, and thus it may not be ideal for some drivetrain applications.

Wiring Connections

Connecting the NEO 550 Brushless motors is fairly straightforward. Follow the guide at Wiring the Spark Max, and don't forget to connect your sensor wire; the motor will not spin without it!

CAUTION: Improperly wiring the connectors can cause severe motor damage and is not covered by the warranty. DO NOT connect the motor directly to the battery.


  • Mounting features match other 550 series DC motors

  • Out-runner construction (i.e. Rotor housing is compatible with REV Motion Pattern; you can mount metal Gears, Sprockets, and Pulleys)

  • Front and rear ball bearings

  • High-temperature neodymium magnets

  • High-flex silicone motor wires

  • Integrated motor sensor (3-phase hall sensors)

  • Motor temperature sensor

Motor Specifications

ParameterValue and Units

Nominal Operating Voltage

12 V

Motor Kv

917 Kv

Free Speed`

11000 RPM

Free Running Current

1.4 A

Stall Current

100 A

Stall Torque

0.97 Nm

Peak Output Power

279 W

Hall-Sensor Encoder Resolution

42 counts per rev.

Mechanical Specifications

ParameterValue and Units

Output Shaft Diameter

0.125in (3.175mm)

Output Shaft Length

0.267in (7mm)

Output Pilot

0.512in (13mm)

Body Length

1.752in (44.5mm)

Body Diameter

1.378in (35mm)


0.142 kgs (0.313 lbs)

NEO 550 Motor Curve

Updated testing from our in-house dynamometer coming soon!

Check out the NEO 550 Motor Data Sheet for additional specifications and charted motor curves. Please read the NEO 550 Motor Locked Rotor Testing and ensure you understand how to set an appropriate Smart Current Limit before using your NEO 550 Brushless Motor.

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