Vortex Shafts

NEO Vortex Shaft Features

Vortex shafts feature a 1/2 in hex section for transferring torque, and a locating taper section for effortless self-centering. When the shaft is secured with a #10-32 Shaft End Screw, the taper keeps your shaft perfectly centered as it's drawn in and locked into place within the NEO Vortex Spindle.

NEO Vortex Shaft Anatomy

NEO Vortex Shaft Options

Product PhotoName, SKU, and Function

1/2 in Hex Shaft - Any Length

The NEO Vortex's 1/2in hex through-bore motor spindle is compatible with any length hex shaft.

Vortex Shaft - 8 mm (REV-21-2807) The 8mm Vortex Shaft, compatible with the REV ION System, empowers you to utilize the NEO Vortex Brushless Motor with any 8mm keyed shaft component. This interchangeability also means that the NEO Vortex matches the output of a NEO Brushless Motor V1.1, making it a seamless drop-in replacement for your designs.

Vortex Shaft - MAXSwerve Integrated Key (REV-21-2848) The Vortex Shaft - MAXSwerve Integrated Key gives users the ability to drive a MAXSwerve Module without the need for the MAXSwerve Key. This eliminates a potential point of failure in the MAXSwerve since the key is machined directly into the 8mm shaft.

Vortex Shaft - 20 DP Gear - 7 T (REV-21-6800) The Vortex Shaft - 20 DP Gear - 7 T offers users the unique ability to achieve substantial gear reductions directly from the motor. This gear features a 7 T 20 DP design that is typically too small for an 8mm keyed input. However, it becomes possible when integrated into the motor shaft.

The Vortex Shaft - 20 DP Gear - 7 T is addendum shifted to an 8 T pitch diameter. This allows you to calculate center-to-center distances as if it were an 8 T gear rather than a 7 T.

Vortex Shaft - MAXPlanetary Input Kit

(REV-21-2127) Working seamlessly with the MAXPlanetary Vortex Input Stage, the Vortex Shaft - MAXPlanetary Input Coupler reduces gearbox length for more efficient designs. Note that the MAXPlanetary Vortex Input Stage is required for this setup.

Vortex Shaft - Falcon Compatible Spline (REV-21-2827) The Vortex Shaft - Falcon Compatible Spline gives users the ability to drive components that have a falcon spline bore.

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