Wiring the SPARK Flex

Required Materials

  • 12 V battery

  • 120 A circuit breaker

  • Power Distribution Hub

  • SPARK Flex

  • NEO Vortex

  • Associated wiring and a "test bed" described below

  • USB type-C cable

  • A Computer Running the REV Hardware Client

Prepare the Components

Test Bed

Using a "test bed" is an easy way to get started with the SPARK Flex and to verify connections and code. For the initial bring-up of the SPARK Flex, a test bed with a single Flex, NEO Vortex, and a properly wired Power Distribution Hub with a breaker is recommended.

Wiring the SPARK Flex to the Power Distribution Hub is just like wiring a SPARK MAX.

Motor Connections and Mounting

Dock the SPARK Flex on the NEO Vortex by following the NEO Vortex Docking Instructions.

Be sure to fully install the Docking Screws when docking the SPARK Flex. These screws ensure a robust and secure electrical connection. Operating the SPARK Flex and its attached motor or dock without these screws can cause unintended behavior and damage to the system.

Mount the docked SPARK Flex and NEO Vortex assembly to a piece of structure to keep it secured when it spins up. The motor has a lot of inertia and upon spin-up it can jump off the table.

The SPARK Flex's mounting face includes six #10-32 threaded mounting holes that are on a 2 in bolt circle. This bolt pattern is compatible with many structure types available, including REV ION System. However, two 0.196 - 0.201 in holes, spaced 2 in apart can easily be drilled into a piece of wood to rigidly mount the assembly.

DO NOT exceed the 0.25 in mounting screw depth of the SPARK Flex. Doing so can permanently damage the SPARK Flex and will void the warranty. See the Mounting Holes section for more details before mounting your SPARK Flex for the first time.

Power Connections

The power wires are permanently connected to the SPARK Flex and are not replaceable. Take care not to cut these wires too short. It is highly recommended to install connectors on these wires to allow for reconfiguration as you experiment and design your robot. WAGO 221 Inline Splicing Connectors (REV-19-2491-PK50) and Anderson Power Pole connectors are commonly used for this purpose.

Make sure the power is disconnected or turned off before making any electrical connections on your test bed or robot.

Connect the integrated SPARK Flex power leads labeled + (red) and - (black) to an available channel on the Power Distribution Hub. If you need to extend the length of the integrated wires, it is recommended to use 12 AWG wire or larger (a lower gauge number).

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