NEO Vortex Solo Adapter

The NEO Vortex Solo Adapter (REV-11-2828), allows teams to seamlessly integrate the NEO Vortex Brushless Motor with a SPARK MAX. This adapter breaks out the motor sensor connector and phase wire connections for simple backward compatibility.

While the NEO Vortex Solo Adapter allows you to use the motor independently, it may not fully support certain advanced functionalities of the NEO Vortex Brushless Motor.


ParameterValue and Units

Phase Wire Gauge

12 AWG

Encoder Port Connector

JST PH 6-pin

Through Bore Diameter

16.5 mm (0.649 in)

Mounting Footprint Narrow Side Width

2 in

Mounting Footprint Rounded Side Diameter

60 mm

Mounting Holes

#10-32 on 2 in bolt circle

Mounting Hole Maximum Depth

0.25 in

Body Length (Not Docked)

28.2 mm

Docking Hardware

M3 SHCS x 25 mm

Kit Contents

The following items are included with each NEO Vortex Solo Adapter

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NEO Vortex Solo Adapter



M3 x 25mm Socket Head Screw - 4 Pack

1 Pack, 4 Screws

6-Pin JST Cable


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