NEO Vortex

NEO Vortex Overview

The NEO Vortex Brushless Motor (REV-21-1652) is a high-power, high-performance, and high-resolution sensored brushless motor from REV Robotics. It features a dockable controller interface that can be mounted directly to the SPARK Flex Motor Controller (REV-11-2159) or a NEO Vortex Solo Adapter (REV-11-2828) allowing control from any brushless motor controller, like the SPARK MAX. Its through-bore rotor is the heart of its unique interchangeable shaft system, facilitating easy integration with various robot mechanisms.
NEO Vortex Motor shown from the back. You can fully see the through bore 1/2in Hex Motor Spindle.


  • High-resolution encoder
  • Integrated motor parameter and calibration memory
  • Through-hex bore with taper for numerous quick-change shafts
  • No motor wires - reliable and robust docking connections for motor phases and sensor
  • Dual sensor, direct contact winding temperature sensing
  • 560KV (RPM per volt)
  • 640 Watts (375 @ 40A)
  • #10-32 threaded holes on a 2in bolt circle
  • The motor and motor controller's silhouette fits behind a standard 2in rectangular tube
  • 1/2in hex through-bore rotor compatible with any length hex shaft or application-specific Vortex Shafts:
    • 8mm keyed
    • Falcon compatible spline
    • MAXSwerve with integrated key
    • 7-tooth 20DP gear
    • MAXPlanetary input
    • Others to be announced

NEO Vortex Anatomy

Parts of a NEO Vortex Brushless Motor

Motor Specifications †

Value and Units
Nominal Operating Voltage
12 V
Motor Kv
550 Kv
Free Speed
6784 RPM
Free Running Current
3.6 A
Stall Current
211 A
Stall Torque
3.6 Nm
Peak Output Power
640 W
Typical Output Power at 40 A
375 W
Pole Pairs
Encoder Resolution with SPARK MAX
42 Counts per rev.
Encoder Resolution with SPARK Flex ‡
7168 Counts per rev.
Pre-production motor testing. Updates with production motor data will be made if necessary.
A firmware update will be required to access higher resolution encoder data.

Mechanical Specifications

Value and Units
Docked Body Length †
79.7 mm
Docked Mounting Footprint - Narrow Side Width
2 in
Docked Mounting Footprint - Rounded Side Diameter
60 mm
Docked Spindle Offset Depth
19.7 mm
Docking Hardware ‡
M3 SHCS x 25 mm
Rotor Diameter
50 mm
Spindle Bore
1/2 in hex with 7.5° half-angle taper
Shaft Retention Counter Bore Diameter
17.75 mm
Shaft Retention Counter Bore Depth
4 mm
447 g (0.99 lbs)
When docked with SPARK Flex Motor Controller or NEO Vortex Solo Adapter.
Docking hardware included with SPARK Flex or Vortex Solo Adapter.

NEO Vortex Motor Curve

NEO Vortex Motor Curve
All of our motor testing was performed on our in-house dynamometer.
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