Getting Started with the SPARK MAX Client

This is legacy documentation for our discontinued SPARK MAX Client Software. If you are interested in running a SPARK MAX via a computer, please see our newer documentation: Getting Started with the REV Hardware Client.

Update, configure, and test your SPARK MAX Motor Controller with the SPARK MAX Client application.

Latest SPARK MAX Client - Version 2.1.1

The SPARK MAX Client will not work with SPARK MAX beta units distributed by REV to the SPARK MAX beta testers. It is only compatible with units received after 12/21/2018.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 64-bit

  • Internet connection for automatic updates

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the SPARK MAX Client installer above.

  2. Run the installer. Windows may require approval to install the application.

  3. During the installation process, separate driver installation windows may appear. Some driver installations may fail if you already have the driver installed from a previously installed Client, this is expected.

  4. Once installed, run the application. If prompted, be sure to grant network access. Without network access, the client software won't be able to download the latest SPARK MAX firmware and client updates.

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