Installing a Shaft

Shaft Installation Materials

Installing a Vortex Shaft is simple and requires the following materials and tools:

  • NEO Vortex (docked or undocked)

  • Desired Vortex Shaft

  • #10-32 Shaft End Screw

  • 5/32 in Hex Key

Shaft Installation Procedure

Follow these steps to ensure a secure shaft installation:

  1. Insert the shank of the desired shaft into the Vortex Spindle from the front mounting face of the motor.

  2. While inserting, you may need to rotate the shaft or rotor slightly to align the hexagonal portion of the shank with the hexagonal bore of the spindle.

  3. Once the shaft is fully inserted, install the Shaft End Screw through the back side of the spindle and thread into the shank.

  4. Tighten the Shaft End Screw with the 5/32 in hex key to draw the taper into a locked and centered position. If you have a torque wrench, the ideal torque is 25 ±5 in-lb (2.8 ±0.6 Nm).

Visually check for concentricity by rotating the motor rotor. If the shaft is not concentric, remove it, rotate its orientation, and reseat in the spindle.

Shaft Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the Shaft End Screw with the 5/32 in hex key.

  2. Remove the Vortex Shaft from the motor.

While the Vortex Shaft taper is designed to self release, it may still need a gentle tap to help it along. Be sure to tap the shaft itself and not the rotor. You can partially back out the Shaft End Screw and tap it to push the shaft out.

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