Mode Button

The mode button can be used to activate basic operating modes within the SPARK Flex. For information on those modes, please see the Operating Modes section.

Pressing the SPARK Flex Mode Button

The Mode Button is specifically designed to be difficult to press inadvertently. Therefore, please follow the steps below to press the mode button successfully.

Using a small and blunt tool, like a straightened paper clip, gently press the Mode Button. You should feel and hear a soft click. If you are in a noisy environment, you may only be able to feel the click through the tool.

DO NOT use a sharp tool to press the Mode Button.

Safety pins, thumbtacks, pinbacks buttons, and other sharp tools will cause damage to the Mode Button's material.

If you do not feel the click, ensure the tool is aligned with the button.

DO NOT press with excessive force.

You should feel the click of the button with relatively gentle pressure. Pressing with excessive force can permanently damage the button.

Some early batches of SPARK Flex Motor Controllers have variances in the alignment of the Mode Button and the case hole. Misaligned buttons can still be pressed and the alignment does not affect the functionality of the SPARK Flex Motor Controller as a whole.

If your button is misaligned, please pay close attention and avoid the gap between the button and the printed circuit board (PCB):

Again, DO NOT use a sharp tool to press a misaligned Mode Button. It can easily be inserted into the indicated gap above, and permanently damage the button. Generally, a sharp tool should never be used to press the Mode Button.

Please reach out to us at if you are still having difficulty pressing your Mode Button after following this guide.

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