MAXSwerve Module Overview

The 3in MAXSwerve Module (REV-21-3005) is compatible with the REV ION System, features a 3in Swerve Wheel, and is commonly used in a set of four to build a swerve drivetrain. This module gives a robot the ability to drive forward and backward, side-to-side, and rotate simultaneously without sacrificing traction. The 3in MAXSwerve Module uses the small size and low mass of the NEO 550 Brushless Motor and UltraPlanetary Gearbox to save a significant amount of space and weight.

Greasing Guide

When assembling the MAXSwerve Module we recommend adding grease during assembly and re-applying as needed for the maintenance of your mechanism. For most applications, using White Lithium Grease or Red Tacky Grease will provide sufficient lubrication.


  • Metal construction

  • 3in wheel diameter

  • Module mounting maximizes wheelbase footprint

  • Compatible with NEO Brushless Motor or Falcon 500 (with replacement shaft)

  • Azimuth driven by NEO 550 Brushless Motor & UltraPlanetary Gearbox

  • All steel gears in drive powertrain

  • Gear-driven azimuth drive


Height with NEO: 171.5mm (6.75in)

Height with Falcon: 194.4mm (7.66in)

Footprint with mounting tabs: 133.1mm x 133.1mm (5.24in x 5.24in)

Footprint without mounting tabs: 100.5mm x 100.5mm (3.96in x 3.96in)

Weight with NEO: 1720g (3.80lb)

Weight with Falcon: 1800g (3.97lb)

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