Color Sensor V1 - Overview

The REV Robotics Color Sensor V1 a single sensor you can measure colors and rough distances to various targets. The Color Sensor V1 has a built-in IR (optical) and Proximity Sensor and white LED for active target lighting. Using High Speed I2C Communication (400kHz), as well as auto increment register read, allows the user to return all the color register and status register data in one read command instead of 4 separate read commands.


  • M3 Mounting Hole

  • Built-in white LED

    • LED power is switchable with new built-in switch

  • Supports Standard (100kHz) or High Speed (400kHz) I2C

    • Supports auto-increment register reads

  • Built-in IR Proximity Emitter and Detector

Kit Contents

Part Number



Color Sensor V1


JST PH 4-pin Sensor Cable - 30cm


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