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MAX 90 Degree Gearbox Assembly Wedge

To help teams properly align their Bevel Gear while assembling the MAX 90 Degree Gearbox we developed an Assembly Wedge tool. This tool can be 3D printed and reused to assemble multiple MAX 90 Degree Gearboxes.

Using the Assembly Wedge

Begin this process after Step 8 of the Full Assembly Instructions.

1) With all screws in the MAX 90 Degree Gearbox installed slightly loose, insert an Assembly Wedge on either side of the gearbox ensuring the flat side of the wedge is in contact with the bottom plate.

2) While applying pressure to both Assembly Wedges, tighten the screws in the MAX 90 Degree Gearbox on alternating sides. Use the image below as a guide for tightening the screws.

3) Once all of the screws are secure, remove the Assembly Wedges and spin the gearbox to ensure it moves smoothly.

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