775 Sized Motors

775pro or AM RedLine

775 Sized Motors Multi-Stage Assembly Instructions

For assembly you will need a 5/32" and 3mm Allen Wrench.
1) Press the adapter shaft onto the 775 motor shaft.
Note: Make sure the adapter shaft and motor shaft are perfectly aligned in order to prevent damage to the motor.
2) Place the spacer plate on the front of the motor.
3) Place the motor and spacer plate onto the MAXPlanetary input block.
4) Attach the motor to the input block with the 2 M4 screws.
5) Place the shaft key in the keyway in the adapter shaft.
6) Slide the input coupler all the way onto the adapter shaft.
If your robot requires shaft retention in the gearbox, follow the Shaft Retention Assembly instructions now before proceeding.
When building your gearbox make sure the highest gear reduction is closest to the motor.
7) Place the appropriate gear cartridge on the 1/2" Hex Socket Output.
Note: The cartridge may need to be rotated to get the splines to line up. Once the splines are inserted continue to rotate the cartridge to ensure that the alignment features are completely engaged.
8) Continue stacking gear cartridges backwards towards the motor in the appropriate order.
Note: Ensure that the alignment features of each cartridge are properly engaged with the cartridges next to it.
9) Align the stacked output stage and gear cartridges with the input stage.
10a) Slide the stack of gear cartridges onto the motor shaft and input stage. Ensure that the input spline on the rear gear cartridge and the input coupler are properly engaged.
Note: This may require twisting the gear cartridges slightly to line up the splines and then rotating back once the spline is engaged. Make sure the entire stack is pressed together and all alignment features are properly engaged.
10b) Gap - Having a gap in this location is bad. If a gap is present, it means that all alignment features are not properly engaged. This may require twisting by hand the gear cartridges slightly to line up the splines and then rotating back once the spline is engaged. Make sure the stack is fully seated and no gap is present before inserting and tightening the gearbox assembly screws
11) Insert the appropriate length of 10-32 Socket Head Cap Screws into the gearbox assembly holes
0 Cartridges: 1/2in Long Screws
1 Cartridge: 1in Long Screws
2 Cartridges: 1-1/2in Long Screws
3 Cartridges: 2in Long Screws
12) Tighten the gearbox assembly screws down.
Note: It is a best practice to spin both screws all the way into the holes without tightening them and then alternate between tightening the two screws to snug them up.