Assembly Tips and Tricks

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The MAXPlanetary is a modular planetary gearbox designed for use with NEO-class motors and is optimized for torque density. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your gearbox is assembled properly and functions efficiently. With the help of this guide, you will be able to assemble your MAXPlanetary gearbox with confidence and ease.

Attempting to stack the Input Coupler onto the gear cartridges, rather than pressing the Input Coupler into the stack is often more difficult.

1) Place the motor with the motor shaft and Universal Input Stage facing upwards.

2) Slide the Input Coupler on the motor shaft. Ensure that the key is engaged and the Input Coupler has been slid all the way against the motor.

3) Take your stacked output stages and gear cartridges and align them with the Universal Input Stage.

4) Slide the stack of gear cartridges onto the motor shaft and input stage. Ensure that the input spline on the rear gear cartridge and the input coupler is properly engaged.

Note: This may require twisting the gear cartridges by hand slightly to line up the splines, and then rotating back once the spline is engaged. Make sure the entire stack is pressed together and all alignment features are properly engaged.

5) Make sure the stack is fully seated and no gap is present between the stack and the input plate before inserting and tightening the gearbox assembly screws.

Keep in mind that it may require a decent amount of force to couple the gearbox stack with the motor- it is not expected to be a slip-fit.

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