Shaft Retention Assembly

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The MAXPlanetary Base Kit comes with a 3in long rounded 1/2in hex shaft with a 10-32 tapped hole at either end. This shaft can be retained in the MAXPlanetary 1/2in Socket Hex Output with a screw installed from the back side before assembling the rest of the gearbox.

In addition to the included hex shaft, additional lengths of pre-tapped shaft are available from REV. Also, any length of team-provided 1/2in hex shaft (with or without rounded corners) can be retained in the output provided that it has a 10-32 tapped hole.

Assembly Instructions

For assembly you will need a 1/8" Allen Wrench.

1) Line up the hex of the shaft and the output block.

2) Insert the hex shaft in the output. Ensure that the shaft bottoms out in the socket.

Note: If the shaft has been cut, ensure that any burrs have been removed from the cut end, so that the shaft will fit in the output properly.

3) Apply thread-locking compound to the 1/2in long Button Head Cap Screw (included in the MAXPlanetary Base Kit or Hardware Kit).

Note: We recommend Loctite 243 (commonly known as “Blue Loctite”).

*not to scale

4) Insert the button head screw into the back side of the output.

Note: This is typically easiest with a hex key or t-handle WITHOUT a ball end.

5) Tighten down the screw into the threads in the end of the output shaft.

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