Getting Started with Driver Hub

After receiving the Driver Hub it is advised to unbox the device, plug the Driver Hub in to charge over USB-C, and power on the Driver Hub. Below is the initial bring up process of the Driver Hub.

Required Materials

  • Driver Hub (REV-31-1596)

  • USB-A to USB-C Cable

  • USB-A Wall Charger

Setting up the Driver Hub

When the Driver Hub is first powered up, or a factory reset is performed, an initial set up process is needed. Start by selecting next on the main screen to continue.

Select a local Wi-Fi network that has access to the internet, enter in the password for that network if required, and select next.

Time zone and date of the device are set by the local WiFi network. Confirm these settings are correct before proceeding by the Next button.

Initial set up is complete! Select Finish to operate the Driver Hub.

Initial Update

After setting up the Driver Hub, the Software Manager application will open. Select the Update All button to start the download and installation of software updates for the Driver Hub.

The updates can take several minutes to complete. Make sure the Driver Hub is charged or plug in the Driver Hub during the updating process.

Now the Driver Hub is ready to connect to a Control Hub!