Downloading the Log File

Occasionally, troubleshooting problems in the REV Control System will require that a log file is looked over for potential indicators. Often the first log that is considered is the Robot Controller log, as they are relatively easy to decipher and can be pulled from the Control Hub. However, other indicators and pathways in the troubleshooting process may require you to pull the XML files off the Hub in addition the the Robot Controller logs.

There are two ways to access the Robot Controller logs. The first way is to search through the Control Hub (REV-31-1595) files by plugging the hub into the computer. The second way is to connect to the Robot Control Console and download the logs to the computer from there. The table below highlights the scenarios you would use one process over the other.

File Search

Robot Controller Console

The Hub is NOT able to establish a connection with a laptop to open the Robot Control Console

The Hub has a connection but the logs need to be accessed to determine the Firmware version

The XML Files need to be accessed in addition to the Robot Controller Logs

Mac computers do not support MTP natively, the protocol used to browse files on Android devices. You need to use the Android File Transfer app:

Windows devices will operate without the need for an additional application.

1.Provide 12v Power to the Control Hub.

2.Plug the USB-C Cable into the top board of the Control Hub and into a PC

3.Navigate to This PC\Control Hub v1.0\Internal shared storage should have a file named robotControllerLog.txt (this is for on windows. Mac should have a similar file explorer to pull the txt file)

The robotControllerLog.txt can either be open via Notepad++ and looked over or sent to REV Support via an email to be further troubleshooted.

4.While in the This PC\Control Hub v1.0\Internal shared storage location navigate to a folder called "FIRST." The folder should have XML files with a naming convention that mirrors the names of the robot configuration.

Robot Controller Console

1.Open the Robot Controller Console

2. Select the Manage page

3. Press the Download Logs button

4. Check for the robotControllerLog.txt in the Downloads Directory of the Computer

5. Open the Logs via a text editor, like Notepad++, to view the contents of the log or send the logs to REV Support