Resetting the WiFi Network

The Control Hub can be reset to the default WiFi settings. This will reset the password and SSID name while keeping Op Modes and the Robot Controller application installed on the Control Hub.

Typically, WiFi resets are performed when teams can not remember their WiFi Settings information. The REV Hardware Client allows teams access to the Hub's WiFi Settings information through a wired connection. The information is visible through the main page of the Robot Control Console and updated through the Program and Manage tab.

The following page is split into two sections. The first will cover how to access the WiFi Settings with the REV Hardware Client. It is recommended to use the REV Hardware Client as it will allow the user to access the WiFi settings over a wired connection and avoid the need for a full reset. The second will run through the steps for using the Control Hub WiFi reset.

If you run into any problems trying to use the Hardware Client or when resetting the WiFi, please contact

REV Hardware Client

Download the latest version of the REV Hardware Client and install on a Windows PC. Skip this step if completed already.


Power on the Control Hub, by plugging the 12V Slim Battery (REV-31-1302) into the XT30 connector labeled “BATTERY” on the Control Hub.


The Control Hub is ready to connect with a PC when the LED turns green. Note: the light blinks blue every ~5 seconds to indicate that the Control Hub is healthy.


Plug the Control Hub into the PC using a USB-A to USB-C Cable (REV-11-1232)

Startup the REV Hardware Client. Once the hub is fully connected it will show up on the front page of the UI under the Hardware Tab. Select the Control Hub.

After selecting the Connected Hardware the Update tab will pop up. Select the Program and Manage tab. This will take you to the Robot Controller Console build into the REV Hardware Client.

Once in the Robot Controller Console, there are two options.

If just the WiFi Access Point name and password need to be found, they can be seen on the main page of the Robot Controller Console.

If any of the WiFi Access Point information needs to be changed, select the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the page, indicated in the image below.

When the menu opens, select Manage.

The Manage page is where the WiFi Access Point information for the Hub can be viewed and changed. In the image below, the Hub's Wifi name, password, band, and channel can be changed. Editing these settings can help when the Hub is not showing up as a potential connection point from the driver station or another Android device.

Once changes have been made select Apply WiFi Settings.

Please heed the following warnings and information:

You will need to reconnect to the new WIFi network after changing the name/and or password. This is true for any WiFi connection, but if you are accessing the REV Hardware Client via a USB connection the Hub will stay connected. Though, you may need to close and reopen the Hardware Client in order to see the changes.

WiFi Reset

If you are unable to connect to the Control Hub's Wifi after switching to the 5 GHz band, you can perform a WiFi factory reset. The WiFi network name and password will be reset to their default values, and the WiFi band will be set to 2.4 GHz. To perform a WiFi reset, please follow the steps below.



Press and hold the button on the front of the Control Hub.

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While pressing the button, power on the Control Hub.

Release button when the Control Hub LED flashes PINK. When the Control Hub flashes BLUE then GREEN, it has completed the reset and is ready to connect.