Using 5V Sensors

The Control Hub (REV-31-1595) is a 3.3V logic level device, but many of the sensors that teams have previously purchased through other vendors, such as Modern Robotics, are 5V logic level devices. Many of these legacy sensors can be used with the REV system by using a logic level converter. REV Robotics offers a Logic Level Converter (REV-31-1389) and an optional Sensor Adapter Cable (REV-31-1384) so teams can more easily use their legacy sensors with the REV Control System.

Logic Level Converter

The REV Robotics Logic Level Converter is a circuit board which generates a 5V output from the 3.3V input and uses a MOSFET on each signal line to create a bidirectional communication appropriate for a variety of digital signals include I2C communication. For more information on how bidirectional level shifting communication is accomplished, please reference the NXP Application Note AN10441.