SPARK MAX Overview

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The REV Robotics SPARK MAX Motor Controller is an all-in-one USB, CAN, and PWM enabled motor controller that can drive both 12 V brushed and 12 V brushless DC motors. SPARK MAX is designed for use in the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC), incorporating advanced motor control in a small, easy-to-use, and affordable package. Configure and run the SPARK MAX through its built-in USB interface without needing a full control system.

Feature Summary

  • Brushed and sensored-brushless motor control

  • PWM, CAN, and USB control interfaces

    • PWM/CAN - Locking and keyed 4-pin JST-PH

    • USB - USB type C

  • USB configuration and control

    • Rapid configuration with a PC

  • Smart control modes

    • Closed-loop velocity control

    • Closed-loop position control

    • Follower mode

  • Encoder port

    • Locking and keyed 6-pin JST-PH

    • 3-phase hall-sensor encoder input

    • Motor temperature sensor input

  • Data port

    • Limit switch input

    • Quadrature encoder input with index

    • Multi-function pin

  • Mode button

    • On-board motor type and idle behavior configuration

  • RGB status LED

    • Detailed mode and operation feedback

  • Integrated power and motor wires

    • 12 AWG ultra-flexible silicone wire

  • Passive cooling

Kit Contents

The following items are included with each SPARK MAX Motor Controller

  • 1 - SPARK MAX Motor Controller

  • 1 - USB-A male to USB-C cable

  • 1 - 4-pin JST-PH to CAN cable

  • 1 - 4-pin JST-PH to single PWM cable

  • 1 - PWM/CAN cable retention clip

  • 1 - Data port protection cap

Special Thanks

We appreciate the assistance from the community for feedback, contributing, and testing the SPARK MAX, especially Team 195 The CyberKnights.

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