Through Bore Encoder - Overview

The REV Through Bore Encoder is specifically designed with the end user in mind, allowing teams to place sensors in the locations closest to the rotation that they wish to measure. This rotary sensor measures both relative and absolute position through its ABI quadrature output and its absolute position pulse output.


  • Incremental and absolute magnetic encoder

    • Built-in magnet

    • Quadrature output - A, B, and Index

    • Absolute output - Pulse Width (Duty Cycle)

    • Broadcom AEAT-8800

  • Factory calibrated zero-positionb

    • Zero calibrated to notch in case

  • Through-bore design

    • Easily mounted to any shaft

    • Bore inserts

      • 1/2" Hex (default)

      • 3/8" Hex

      • 5mm Hex

      • 1/4" Round

  • Mounting holes

    • Holes spacing matches common FRC gearboxes and chassis

The FTC Control System only supports Incremental Encoder input through the motor encoder ports at this time. Absolute pulse input is not supported.

Do not disassemble the sensor. Disassembling the Through Bore Encoder will dereference the zero position with the physical case notch. It is not possible to recalibrate the zero position as it is permanently saved inside the sensor at the factory

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