Assembly Instructions

Hardware Kit Information

Assembly TypeHardware SizeHead Type

Ultra 90 Degree Gearbox

M3 x 40mm


Hex Shaft

5mm x 20mm


UltraPlanetary Face Mount Spacer

M3 x 40mm


Assembly Instructions

For adding a Ultra 90 Degree Gearbox you will need all of the parts in the Hardware Kit, a 1.5mm Allen Wrench, and a 2mm Allen Wrench.

This assembly guide assumes you have a fully assembled UltraPlanetary Gearbox mounted to your motor of choice. Please see the UltraPlanetary Gearbox assembly instructions if you do not have a fully assembled UltraPlanetary Gearbox.

1) Insert the 20mm long hex shaft into the output of the gearbox.

2) Place the Face Mount Spacer on the output of the the gearbox as shown.

Note: Line up the short edge of the spacer with a flat side of the UltraPlanetary gearbox body.

3) Rotate the hex shaft output so that it lines up with the hex input on the Ultra 90 Degree Gearbox.

4) Slide the two gearboxes together. Rotate the Ultra 90 Degree Gearbox until the spacer and gearbox body line up.

5) Insert the 4 mounting screws in the holes on the end of the Ultra 90 Degree Gearbox. Ensure that they line up with the holes in the spacer and the gearbox.

6) Tighten the 4 mounting screws hand-tight. Then alternate between slightly tightening screws diagonally across from each other in an X shaped pattern.

Note: Take care not to over tighten the mounting screws.

Mounting Thread Engagement

With standard REV channel or brackets, the recommended screw length for mounting the Ultra 90 Degree Gearbox to REV motor brackets or channels is M3 x 6mm (REV-41-1713). REV recommends that no more than 4mm of thread engagement is used to mount the gearbox on the motion pattern faces.

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