Power Distribution Hub Firmware Changelog

Version 22.0.3

  • Fixes issue where PDH will sometimes fail to update downstream devices via CAN

Version 22.0.2

  • Improves accuracy of battery voltage reading

  • Improves hardware fault reporting

  • Improves switchable channel LED behavior

  • Blinks the status LED blue when sticky faults are successfully cleared via the MODE button

  • Fixes issue where the device would hang after receiving a malformed CAN frame

Version 22.0.1

  • Fixes certain faults that were incorrectly triggered when the device was only powered via USB

Version 21.1.7

  • Persists sticky faults across power cycles

  • Allows sticky faults to be cleared by holding down the device's button

  • Updates LED patterns

  • Turns off the switchable channel LED when the switchable channel is turned off

  • Reports to the REV Hardware Client whether a roboRIO is connected via the CAN network

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