MAXSwerve Assembly Tips

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Applying Loctite to your MAXSwerve Module

Making sure your screws are secure is important when building your MAXSwerve Modules. Here is a video with some best practices to keep in mind while applying Loctite or a similar thread locker to your screws.

Forgot to Apply Loctite to UltraPlanetary Gearbox

If you forgot to apply Loctite during the assembly of the UltraPlanetary Subassembly you can use a Wicking Grade Loctite to apply thread locker to the pre-assembled gearbox

To use, apply the Wicking Loctite to the top of the UltraPlanetary Gearbox Assembly where the screw tips are showing. The Loctite will wick between the engaged threads using capillary action to secure your screws.

Securing the MAXSwerve Motor Key

We recommend using superglue to ensure that the key stays securely in place

When putting together the Top Plate Subassembly of your MAXSwerve Module, ensure that the MAXSwerve Motor Key's notch rests slightly above the lip of the encoder bridge. If the notch is not located above the encoder bridge's lip and falls into the slot, the module will not function properly and the key will become damaged.

A MAXSwerve Motor Key properly seated in the NEO's keyway with the notch resting slightly above the lip of the encoder bridge

Blue Edge: MAXSwerve Motor Key Orange Edge: Encoder Bridge

When placing the MAXSwerve Motor Key (REV-21-3005-P10) you need to pay close attention to two areas of the key, these are marked as A and B in the image below. For area A at the end of the motor's output shaft, make sure that the key is placed close to the end of the motor shaft for the notch in the key to rest slightly above the lip of the encoder bridge. Area B of the key will need to sit as flush as possible with the NEO's Keyway so that it does not catch inside the encoder bridge and get pulled out. Use superglue to secure the motor key once you have placed it in the correct location.

Key Not Fitting in Keyway

If you are experiencing difficulty getting the key for your motor to rest on the lip of the encoder bridge, it is possible that the key is too large for the keyway. We have received this report specifically from teams using NEO V1s and Falcon 500s with the MAXPlanetary Falcon Input Kit, as the keyways changed sizes between the NEO V1 and the NEO V1.1. To resolve this issue, we recommend sanding down the key using a jeweler's file. Start by taking off a small amount and checking the fit, then continue to remove more as needed.

UltraPlanetary Cartridge Mounting Holes

Some of the UltraPlanetary Cartridges that shipped with the first batch of MAXSwerve Modules (January 2023) have a mounting hole that is partially closed. There is a small amount of plastic leftover from the manufacturing process that will need to be removed before use.

To clear the mounting hole, use a 1/8in drill bit to drill out the excess plastic. Be sure to drill from the side of the UltraPlanetary Cartridge with the output spline facing up so that the through hole does not get off center.

Wheel Axle - Tight Fit (REV-31-3005-P18)

3in MAXSwerve Module Wheel Axles that shipped with the first batch of MAXSwerve Modules (January 2023) may have a tighter fit than expected.

To help with the fit of your Wheel Axle assembly, use a fine grit emery cloth, sandpaper, or scotchbrite to remove a small amount of material from the axle. It is easiest to put the Wheel Axle in a drill and then sand the Axle until the bearings are a slip fit.

We recommend using a product that is 400 grit or higher for this process

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