System Standards

REV ION was created to minimize the required tools, hardware, and cost to build a robot. To accomplish this the REV ION System has standardized the following throughout its products:

#10 Clearance Holes

  • All hardware is #10-32 sized

  • Any tapped holes are #10-32

  • Can use 3/16in rivets

1/2 in Hole Pitch

  • Linear pattern or grid on structural components

  • Radial pattern on circular components

  • Some circular components also have the linear pattern for ease of attaching to structure

  • Combined with MAX Spline to form the MAX Pattern

1/2 in Rounded Hex Shaft

  • 13.75mm diameter rounded corners for ease of assembly in bearings

  • Fits standard 1.125in OD Bearings

Fractional Axial Width

  • Components together along a shaft always have a total width on a fractional interval

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