REV ION Build System

Competitive Robotics Made Simple

Tackling the challenges of FRC requires rapid iteration, multiple revisions and adaptation to the games challenges. Recognizing that not all teams have access to the same equipment or resources, we created REV ION to enable all teams to be competitive. REV ION is a system of mechanical and electrical components that are perfectly compatible with each other, allowing for complex robot designs without the need for large budgets or extensive manufacturing resources. With just basic tools, teams can build affordable, competitive machines, while preserving the ability to infinitely re-configure and iterate on their designs.

We built the REV ION mechanical system around the MAXSpline shape. This unique shape allows us to do things like combine a bearing support with a torque transfer feature for unrivaled configurability of motion components. We've also created the MAX Pattern, this pattern features the MAXSpline with an array of #10 clearance holes on either side. This pattern frees teams from cutting and drilling with easy installation of bearings for different live axle applications, as well as correct center-to-center distances for simple 1:1 power transmission with #25 chain or RT25 belting.

REV ION includes 300+ new and existing products that work within the existing FRC ecosystem, while introducing new features and functionality not currently available to teams. To see how ION can help with your next build, look for the bright blue ION logo next to compatible products on our website.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team via email:

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