Belts and Pulleys

Belts and pulleys are a great, lightweight option for building a smooth-running mechanism. They are very similar to chain and sprockets, with the belt replacing chain and pulleys replacing sprockets. The biggest difference is that belts are a set size and can not be adjusted, so you lose some flexibility in spacing options. If you want to change the spacing of your pulleys or use a different size pulley to increase speed, you will likely need a different sized belt.

In the REV ION Build System, we created a new standard of belt called RT25. Unlike many common metric belt standards, RT25 Belts haves a 1/4in pitch just like #25 chain. With this pitch, both RT25 belts and #25 chain work natively within the ION build system. Since they are both on a 1/4in pitch, they can be swapped out 1:1 for rapid prototyping and iteration of designs. The pitch compatibility with MAX Pattern also makes it easier to swap in different belt lengths when you want to make changes. These belts are comparable in strength to the belts that teams are accustomed to using while working on the same pitch as the ION Build System.

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