MAXSwerve Wheel Tread Reinforcement

Materials Needed

The materials listed below will reinforce ONE Plastic MAXSwerve Wheel

Reinforcement Steps

Preparing the wheel

  1. Identify the pockets in the core that align with the lower ridges in the tread, this is where we will be placing the rivets

  1. Drill 6 holes in the tread that line up with the pockets of the core using a #9 drill bit. These holes should be slightly off-center towards the direction of the side of the wheel that the pockets are on. Use the image below as a guide for the placement of these holes.

  1. Once all 6 of your holes have been drilled, place 6 rivets in the wheel. Be sure to compress the tread while you are putting the rivets in so that they will not get caught on the field carpet.

  1. Repeat with the remaining wheels that need to be reinforced.

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