Wiring MAXSwerve

Materials Needed

The materials listed below will complete the wiring for ONE MAXSwerve Module

Wiring Steps

1) Locate the 6-pin JST port for the Through Bore Encoder inside of the MAXSwerve Module

2) Plug in the 15cm 6-Pin JST Extention Cable to your Through Bore encoder and then separate the wires into groups so that the NEO 550's wires and the Through Bore Encoder's Cable are on either side of the module

3) Ensure the SPARK MAX Mounting Bracket is attached to your MAXSwerve Module Drivetrain. Then thread a zip-tie through the top two mounting holes.

Secure the zip-tie in a very loose loop, only letting the zip-tie click a couple of times to latch.

4) Slide the V+/V- side of both SPARK MAX Motor Controllers into the zip-tie loop so that the power and ground wires are facing away from the MAXSwerve Module and the data port on the top is facing away from the SPARK MAX Mounting Bracket.

Then tighten the zip-tie to secure.

5) Attach the Through Bore Encoder Cable to the Absolute Encoder Adapter

6) Thread a zip-tie through the other two mounting holes as shown.

7) Plug in the Absolute Encoder Adapter to the Data port on the top of the SPARK MAX that will be driving your NEO 550. In this image, we chose to use the Upper SPARK MAX.

Then tighten the zip tie to secure both SPARK MAXs and the Encoder Adapter.

8) Wire the Phase Wires of the NEO motor to the SPARK MAX on the underside of your swerve module.

Be sure to plug in the NEO's Sensor Wire!

9) Wire the Phase wires of the NEO 550 motor to the controller on the underside of your swerve module.

10) Ensure that you have plugged in both the Through Bore Encoder into the Absolute Encoder Board and the NEO 550's sensor wire directly into the SPARK MAX's Encoder Port.

11) Bundle your wires for each SPARK MAX, checking to make sure that there is enough slack, and then secure them to the top mounting hole with another zip-tie.

12) Plug in your CAN/PWM cables to the SPARK MAX's 4-pin JST signal port.

It is next to the USB C port on the SPARK MAX itself.

13) Finish wiring for both SPARK MAXs and the CAN by connecting the V+ and V- wires to your Power Distribution and the CAN cables to the rest of your CAN Bus.

Optional Fourth Mounting Hole

The SPARK MAX Mounting Bracket has an optional fourth hole that teams can use to secure the Mounting Bracket directly to their MAXSwerve module!

Teams can use #10-32 3/8in Button-Head Socket Cap Screws to attach this Mounting Bracket to the module, as pictured below.

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